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SOBCON08 Managing Your Online Reputation – Anita Bruzzese

Nugget paragraph: This is a live blogging post from SOBCON08 that was held in Chicago on May3rd 2008.


Anita Bruzzese - "journalism school - Power of the written word and the responsibilty that comes with it."

"walk the bone" - give story to editors and they asked questions from one editor to another. Story better after "walking the bone"

"whether 600 words or 60k story should be right"

"Pew center study on bloggers"

" Stand behind what you write"

" Writing must be fair" " tell the other side of the story"

"Power of the written word not diminished by the internet"

"Internet given voice to millions of people who have been neglected"

" Take a step back and realize the power of the written word"

#1: What is the source of the information? Make sure its factual ( not wikipedia alone)

#2: Be known by the company you keep. Be careful with your BlogRoll. Personally prefer resource list. What is the agenda of the person giving you the information.

#3 Is the info credible? Do you have a agenda behind what you are saying. People doubt credibility if you you conceal things. lies and half truths will always be found out.

#4 Are you being fair? invite and listen to everyone. Don't go by status - technorati ranking etc. Give nugget paragraph abt what the story is all about

#5 Give a background to the story

#6 How do you respond to errors/mistakes. Immediately post a correction. Get it corrected in places where it is posted

#7 How do you respond to attacks? Post the facts and explain .

#7 ( my numbering is off-shashi) How do you respond to comments. Valus what the commenters say. Reward good ones. Free prize, post their name. You dont have to post comments that are venomous and personal attacks

#8 Have a ongoing evaluation of your reputation. meet regularly and discuss reactions.

#9 What is the line in the sand ? 1st amendment - public hearing or court of law read the 1st amendment ( This was a card in her first job)

Write down a mission statement

#10 Reread what you have written.

Q&A :

For retractions you don't have to repeat the mistake but just post the correction.

What about people reading through feeds only? Should we post a new post to correct? Always post a correction

Disclaimer:This post is my interpretation and  thoughts and is intended purely to help share the event knowledge:)

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