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SOBCON08- Online Business Models that Work - Brian Clark

Brian Clark -


I like writing more than talking.Taught myself copywriting. using blog platform for content management and SEO. I make a living by building websites that make money.

Relationships are the keys to good business. Lot of old models don't work anymore. I am proponent of Social media not only idealogically but for business.

Business models - fancy MBA term

- Don't confuse business model and revenue model. Have a ball park idea of how you think you can make money.

- Business model is not what makes you money

- Not your traffic and marketing strategy

- Blogging i not your business model. its a execution of your business model. conversation friendly, seo friendly,

- think fo yourself as an entrepreuner

Business Model = right product or service at the right price for the right audience

Building a list and bloggers talk about buidling subscribers.

Content is your marketing real business is selling something - ad space, lead generation etc

Attention, Authority, Acceleration 3 As of a Social media Business

Giving people what they don't want is a good way to failing.

Attention Rules:

Choose a high demand subject area. ( little obscure niches may not be good excpet for Amazon or Netflix) Site can be unique and remakable. Carve out a niche within a large audience. Social media, blogging is a huge high demand subject. Focus on one thing example - copywiriting-

Positioning will define the content - transform the attention to a authoritative state - ads to generate revenue, affiliate programs, sell your own products and services.

As a business owner study copywriting even if you get someone else to implement it.  Use headlines and hooks. MAke one piece of content stand out.

great book called Emyth _ its not what a business sells but how they sell it.

Authority Rules

Social proof through comments, quoted as an authority


Chicklets that shows number of subscribers that attracts more subscribers

Divide interest areas and your subscribers

Telling people what they want to hear without annoying others

Affiliate Marketing

Social Media is a easy low cost way for research. Watch and absorb and ask.

Acceleration Rules

Authority sites as a hub and spinoff sites as satellite

use wordpress pages

social media is more cooperation than competition

Develop your own products and services

Test landing pages, copy and offers. Google has a testing tool

Outsource and strategic partnerships and try automation.

Distinguish between your blog and your business. Think of ways to remove yourself in a way that your business does not suffer.

BeckyMcCray - Live Twittering of the session

Brian Clark - know the difference between your business model and your revenue model.

OK, now the SOB's are getting seriously interested. Brian Clark has the room's attention. #SOBCon08

Successful businesses maximize revenue possibilities from their existing assets. #sobcon08

Trying to give the people what they don't want is the quickest way to fail. Brian Clark #sobcon08

Successful businesses maximize revenue possibilities from their existing assets. #sobcon08

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