AP vs. ZDnet

I read the TechCrunch post about their new policy on AP stories  http://tinyurl.com/464xu8 and then remembered how different the ZDNet blogs were.

On the ZDNet blogs you actually have a button that says "Blog This" and they give you the code to add to your blog . example http://blogs.zdnet.com/Greenbaum/index.php?blogthis=1&p=170

Granted most bloggers will choose the quote from a blog post themselves and will appropriately credit the original post but the fact that ZDNet makes it easier is a positive in my mind.

Chris Brogan has a plugin on his blog that says "reblog" and it is from Zemanta. I have not tried it yet. Again this is a question of confidence that people will help spread the message by reblogging your content and that is why you write blogs .

I think more bloggers who think their content is worth reblogging should have buttons that make it easy for other bloggers to spread the word. What do you think ?


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