Tuesday, June 10, 2008

GSPEAST08 - How to keep everyone awake

Not that anyone was sleeping ! Between sessions there was always a funny video on the screen that helped bring a smile to the attendees. Dave McClure spent a lot of time selecting video clips that were played in between sessions. I was among the people who asked him to put the links to these videos up . Here is the link: http://500hats.typepad.com/500blogs/2008/06/graphing-social.html

Comment here and let me know which video you liked the best. :)

Today was a good day with a lot of content. And here are some takeways :

- Widgets are the new ad media
- social advertising - people are getting influenced by what their friends do or buy

-new term I heard - replacement media

- Linkedin seems to be where the businessmen are and opp for highly targeted non-intrusive advertising. 5M linked members in Europe. 50% of Linkedin users are US based.

Paul Worsham- http://ChiefSocialofficer.com 
"A common thread @ GSPEast08 so far is to have speed. Fast app development & fast app updates. Update your app / functionality every day"
"mobile social presentation... overseas sites have figured out how to do this already. And make money."

gbrandonthomas: decline in activity of apps across the board due to overall audience growth, demographic and psychographic shifts

gbrandonthomas: 1% drive 85% of activity for FB, and 74% for MySpace

Local peeps attending the conference - there is a  PMI Parking Garage (2600 Crystal Drive or 2611 Clark Street, Arlington, VA. 22202) next to the hotel at a rate of $6 vs. $23 at the Hyatt and its right next door.

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