Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jeremiah Owyang's Community Managers and Swamis list of Enterprise Companies

Jeremiah Owyang has a list on his blog Web-Strategist of Social Media Strategists and Community managers of Enterprise companies (His definition is 1000 employees or more)

The difference between Social Media Strategist and Community Manager according to the post is :

The Social Media Strategist, whose job is to lead the internal charge, develops the program, gains resources, convinces management, and measures success.

Key differentiator for this group? They are primarily internally focused program managers.


The Community Manager, who’s job is to primarily be a community advocate is a social media user, and is externally focused, they are primarily the face to the online community. As companies scale, I expect to see these types or roles appear often for each product group at larger companies, they often report directly to the strategist or at least have a dotted line.

Key differentiator for this group? They are primarily an externally (customer/community) facing role.

The people I know in the list:

Bryan Rhoads, Sr. Digital Strategist at Intel Corporation

Richard Binhammer
, Senior Manager, Dell
Scott Monty, Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager, Ford Corporation
Lionel Menchaca, Community Manager, Dell
Joseph Loong, Managing Editor, AIM Social Media Blog, AOL
Marilyn Pratt, Community Evangelist, SAP Labs

Meeting and knowing the rest of the list is only a few moments away.

I also saw that Mario Sundar has list of Community Managers on Twitter

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