Meeting Saul Colt - Freshbooks Dinner

I have met Saul Colt - Head if Magic at Fresh Books twice before and he is always so full of ideas and experiences. Did you know he worked for ZipCar before? I am also excited that he is coming to Network Solutions tomorrow to talk at a learning lunch.Freshbooks Dinner - Lauriol plaza DC

He organized a dinner today with a few Fresh Books customers and friends  at Lauriol Plaza in DC ad I was honored to be invited. Did'nt get to see if Saul wore any funky shoes today but here is a picture courtesy of David Crow)

Saul Colt's funky Nikes

Among the people I already knew at the dinner were Technosailor, Maddiegrant , Lindy Dreyer Matt and Justin Thorp . I enjoyed the conversation with Gabe Klein and Tiago Soromenho of and Dinner - Lauriol plaza DC

Gabe and Stephanie ( I hope I spelt it right and atleast i didnt say Bethany) were great company and Gabe told us about his experiences in growing his company . The theme is eco friendly catering and I think he told me that all their catering vans were electric powered. I am hoping to demo some Indian dishes for him as I mentioned that I was a chef in my previous life. SO DC area fans and DCConcierge you know who to recommend now.

Freshbooks Dinner - Lauriol plaza DC

I dropped Tiago off at Grosvenor so we enjoyed a 30 min conversation on the ride home. Stickystreet has a lot of promise. in case you are a small business and you are managing a loyalty program then he is the man for you.

Here is a link to the QIK video I made from the event. Pictures from the event


Thanks Saul for inviting me. i had a great time. Lauriol plaza was packed and the dinner experience was great. Right service, great food.


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