Listen to Adam Zand's Really Big Shoe today with the Swami

I am honored to be invited to the Adam Zand's Really Big Shoe today Tuesday June 17th at 2 p.m. I met Adam Zand at Blog Potomac last week and we had a great corridor conversation and exchanged experiences. Listen to the show today  if you have the time and would love to hear your questions. Check out Adam Zand's  Linkedin profile here

Personal Message from Adam :

Hi Really Big Shoe fans, Blog Potomac in fabulous Falls Church, VA on June 13 was awesome. Great job Livingston Communications, presenters, attendees and bartenders. I really wanted to speak more with Social Media Swami Shashi Bellamkonda of Network Solutions So today, we get to catch up on the conference, his blogs and, his career path and how social media determined his job title at Network Solutions. As always, check out for Shoe details. Listen to the Swami, Adam Zand (ThisDudeAbides) P.S. Now on some lame platform called iTunes.
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