Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank God my Phone has Internet

I wondered where it would make sense to browse the web on your phone than your PC. I found the perfect use case. I am in a place called Warangal and the Internet connectivity on my laptop data card is abysmally slow. On the other hand my N95 with a Airtel SIM card and GPRS Internet turned on lets me go through my email comparatively faster.

Getting a phone connection in India is very easy. You have to provide proof of who you are and where you stay. Plans vary a lot ad so do the charges. In order to have my internet on I just send a SMS message everyday and I get unlimited browsing on my phone for about 50 cents.

There were over 100M cellphone subscribers in India in 2007 and its likely to exceed 350M by 2010. That makes it a market larger than the US which currently is at 255M.

Lots of things to say how things work in the Indian cell phone marketplace.For now its very different that the US cell phone market

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