Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Air Deccan - EBay in the sky

I did a quick trip to Bangalore to speak to members of CommIT a organization of Communication professionals of IT companies in Bangalore. My inward flight was on KingFisher Air ( very nice airline). My flight back was on Air Deccan which is a low cost airline also owned by KingFisher.

It is a 1.5 hour flight from Bangalore to Hyderabad on the small propeller 75 seater aircraft. Once the flight taks off the cabin crew serve water which is free, and they sell sandwiches, cookies and soft drinks.

The next part of the flight was interesting. The crew handed out a brochure with a few goods which you can bid on"Simpli-bid" which is an inflight auction. They have a starting price and the MRP listed. I saw a pearl necklace that I bid on slightly above the asking price. the MRP was Rs 4000 and the starting bid was Rs1000 and I bid Rs1050 ($25). I was actually hoping somepne else will win the auction. Apparently everyone who bids gets to be the winner as the air hostess told me 2 other passengers had won the pearl neckalce.

Now I am not sure what the others paid but I am banking on Air Deccan taking care of the quality of the goods and hoping my wife is happy with me for buying it.

I thought the auction idea in the sky is a good idea as you have a captive audience.

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