Monday, August 25, 2008

iPod stuck on the 'do not disconnect' screen

I am a PC user but I am convinced that my next buy should be a Macbook. One of the advantages is that it does not get frozen or take too long to load the operating system, I do not have a ipod but my daughter does and she has this issue where it gets stuck at the 'Do not Disconnect screen" a lot and she patiently just goes about her work till sometimes the next morning.

Today luckily I was home and when she told me this problem it did not sound right. The first thing I tried to do was reboot ( Oops ! thats a windows thing) and the Ipod does not have a way for you to remove the battery. Ouch !

Anyway my friend Google came to the rescue and doing this worked:

You should toggle the hold button from open to hold and back (like I said above), then hold the enter (middle) and the menu "button" in for 4 or 5 seconds... (The screen should go blank for a little while, than show the Apple logo for a while, then come up again with your default menu).

This wonderful piece of advice is from Thank you Mitthrawnuruodo.

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