Thursday, August 28, 2008

My new neighbor means the truth !


Was delighted to meet Satyam Priyadarshi who moved into his new digs next to me as VP Analytics at Network Solutions. Nice and warm first meeting andnhe is very humorous, My headline for this article is because his name " Satyam" which means truth. :)

My standard procedure with people I meet is to search for them on Google minutes after meeting them. Some of my friends have caught on and people like George Brett have started giving out cards saying 'Google me".

I am  not sure if I should call him Dr. Satyam or the Truth man :) . We went out to lunch and he turned out to be a vegetarian by choice. We spoke about his interest in Analytics and he let out the secret that he is one of the speakers at the WEB 3.0 conference in Santa Clara Oct 16th to 17th.

His mission :  "The challenges being addressed is to do ‘real’ time analysis and reporting of trends and other statistical quantities that are useful to the business." He has written and published over 30 academic papers

He teaches at the George Mason University 3 days a week so he cannot come to tweetups any evening of the week. This is tongue in cheek but what he likes to do when he is not working is study the  relationship between secondary structure and electron transfer rates in proteins? :) Just kidding he is a great guy and we are happy to have him on board.

Google gave me a lot of juicy stuff about Satyam. He is a Ph.D from IIT , and  MBA from UVA. For those who do not know what IIT is , here is a extract from an earlier post about an IITian Kamalesh Dwivedi

What is IIT ?

Here is what the Chairman of InfoSys Narayana Murthy says about IIT.
... my son ... wanted to do computer science at IIT. To do computer science at IIT, you have to be in the top 200 and he couldn't do that, so he went to Cornell instead.
STAHL: Think about that for a minute. A kid from India using an Ivy League university as a safety school. That's how smart these guys are ...

Here is a Yahoo answer
Indian Institute Of Technology.
ranked no. 1 in India and recently 3rd in world just after Massachusetts institute of tech [MIT] nd Stanford institute..
getting into an IIT is a huge accomplishment as it has been voted as the 4th toughest exam in INDIA

Of course Dilbert has some cartoons of IITians ( which is a compliment) that are collected here


Expect a post on SolutionsArePower soon.

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