Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How I became a Social Media Swami at Network Solutions.

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Everytime I give out cards , I raise eyebrows, For speaking opportunities the organizers call me back just to confirm that I am not playing a prank on them with my title Social Media Swami of Network Solutions.

The story is that I moved from Product Management to setup this listening post in the Social Media for Network Solutions. Now there is no precedence and I pondered on what the title would be.

So the first step we took was to ask our employees , now we didn’t do it in a official email all employees way but started spreading the word through friends and “microwaving lunch” conversations. Here is the entire list of submssions.

CPO, Chief Propaganda Officer
Director of Social Networking Development
Director of Social Media Development
Alternative Media Director / Manager
Bang Bang director
Buzzmaster General
Director of Social Media Awareness
Director of Social Media Strategy
New Media Participation Manager
New Social Media Spider
NSI Media Mogul
Senior Strategist, Social Marketing
Shashi Snippet Man
Shashi 2.0
Social Butterfly
Social Coordinator
Social Director
Social Disinformation Propagandist
Social Marketing Senior Strategist
Social Media Analyst
Social Media Cruise Director
Social Media Czar
Social Media Senior Strategist
Social Media Strategy & Planning Manager
Social Media Swami
Strategist, Social Media
The Dean of Social Media
Web 2.0 Product Manager
Manager, Social Networking
New Media Manager
Corporate Blogger
“SNAG” – Social Networking Authority Guru
New Buzz Director
SM Specialist
CCA - Chief Customer Advocate
Manager, Social Networking
The Social Media Guru

Can you think of other titles that would fit the bill? Feel free to use any of the titles and submit your own in the comments here. Who knows I may just poll the folks here to ask if I need to change my title ?

Update :Guy Kawasaki : Chief Evangelist

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