Sunday, September 07, 2008

Podcamp Philly : Meeting Awesome folks

As I  reached Podcamp Philly the doors were not open yet but a lot of folks had arrived and waiting and getting ready to start the knowledge gaining.  Whitney Hofmann @ldpodcast was ready, energetic and welcoming. Met Chris Penn and took a video Interview of him uploaded here . He is awesome and writes the Financial aid podcast. Also met Suki Fuller, Jonny Goldstein, Li Evans, Geoff Livingston, Chris Abraham, Thursday Brahm,  and many more favorites

Other great people I met:

Cynthia Wallace :

Christophile Konstas : Http://

Michelle Wolverton @chelpixie :

Adam Weiss :

Geri Weltz : (She will be starting a wiki on defining social networks for novices) I am writing for her to get on Twitter.

Nancy Dowd: . She is interested in hearing your ideas on what kind of podcasts would you like to listen from librarians.  My answer was book recommendations with their opinion on the books.

Christine Cavalier : @purplecar I forgot to check if her car was purple. She has a great sense of humor :)

Brennen Lukas :

Lisa B Marshall : Please visit and give her 3 things she can do to improve her podcasts

Cathy Larkin :

Daniel Krueger :

Matt J McDonald : ( I sat on his great session on Personal Branding. if you want to know how he dressed see his Facebook page )

Rick Wolff :

August Jackson :

Danielle Kozich : She is going to be the pioneer for Social media in her company. Good luck to her.

Oliver Picher :

Gloria Bell :

Jennifer Lannolo :

Powen Shiah :

Howard Greenstein :

Bill Rowland :

Jimmy Coffey:

Amber Santos

Char : I just came along and learn

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