Friday, September 19, 2008

Twin Tech 2 - Peter Corbett organizes a giant cocktail party

Bringing 600 to 700 people together is a gigantic task. Peter Corbett of iStrategylabs did it at the Avenue , 649 New York Ave in DC. With 3 floors it was enough space except for the din of at least 200 to 300 conversations going on at the same time. I am used to that since I was born and brought up in India.

At a networking event I try to say hello to every one who exchanges eye contact and usually it has always ends in a good connection. At the same time I like to spend time talking and getting to know the person so I have at least one takeaway about the person or what they said. I met Steven Fisher, Jessie X ( always a pleasure to meet her), Jill Foster ( roving journalist at the DNC and utterli caster and finance at, Rachelle lacroix ( She wants to be the top Rachelle lacroix on Google so help with link love) Ryan Sphan (, Hank Dearden ( , Anthony Lafauce ( FaceTime Strategy), Shirin Aka 'Digital Sista", Paula of the Panda fame, Craig Stoltz, Joe Loong, Raj Malik ( Remember the phrase " Take the Lawyers to lunch") , Dean Hua, Sam Gonsalves, Mohammed of GeniusRocket, Frank Gruber, Kim Hart ( She will be moderating a panel on Social Media at the Tower Club in Oct) , Eriak from the Towerclub - awesome as usual, Joyson Cherian of, Danielle Gaines -, Mike Tillman who came to the Network Solutions Trademark event, Jack London - have not seen him since the Jeff Pulver dinner, Mark Drapeau,- always a charming guy, Leslie of Jess3, missed actually saying Hi to Nick O'Neil - I heard his SocialAd conference went extremely well and a little bird told me thay even had a sushi chef in attendance. I could not go because of the Trademark event I was organizing,

Among the new rockstars I met and spoke to are:

Rob Pregoraro - Rob is someone whose consumer technology column I follow very avidly in the Washington Post. As i went to the 3rd floor of Avenue he was the first person I met. I wish Washington Post printed the blog address of the reporters on the business card too.

Kevin Anderson - Kevin works for the Guardian a Uk Publication and is going to e travel in a Rv across America to write about the elections. When I mentioned Jill Foster he said he had already met her and Andy Carvin. He did hint about a meet-up on the night of the elections which will be interesting. I introduced him to Kim Hart from the Washignton Post.

Mark Feldman

James P Broady of who is a school buddy of Jessie X

Jennifer Schwed web designer extraordinaire and Network Solutions customer. We have to interview her for SolutionsArePower about her success story of and

Catherine Andrews of the Washingtonian - Confessed that I try to keep continuing to subscribe to the Washingtonian at $12 . I love Washigntonian and read it at the library. I picked up the two issues they were giving away at twin tech and also the stressbuster.

Cathy Porter - We were at the Maryland tech Council event where I spoke about Social media role in a company's communication strategy.

Mary Conley Eggert - was a absolutely delightful person who is Chicago based and works for

Jasmine Sante - consults on website content management and it was great meeting her

David Kidd was taking everyone's picture so I desided to take his. Fantastic photographer ( he took a picture of me and Mary Eggert)

Lisa Colten of gave me suhc wonderful insight about HR services for small businesses who are not ready to have a HR person yet.

Jeff Crites - who was interviewed on our blog SolutionsArePower

Jason Crawford of

Jud Cairns former software company COO (TREEV LLC) looking for the next opportunity

Limor Schafman of

Katie Pregoraro of Arlington Department of Technology Services

If I missed meeting you its entirely my loss. If I inadvertently left off your name pls feel free to send me a few bricknbats in the comments and they will spur me into action to update this post.

One thing I have to say about those tech events - Dude! Where's the food. ? DO geeks and suits only drink and not eat?

Others who covered the event:

Josh Greene

Peter Corbett

Amy Augenblick

Craig Stoltz


Jean Luc

Catherine Andrews of the Washingtonian

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