Sunday, October 05, 2008

Affiliate Social Media Summit : Making Social Media Make Money

Social Media has exploded into our lives and media consciousness. This presentation will explore practical business applications to deliver real bottom line profitability.

This was the panel that I was on had two powerful people actually 3 if you include Jim Kukral who has been Blogging since 2001. The other two Jay Berkowitz and Larry Bailin are authors. I started off my panel with saying that I hoped being on the panel with them will rub off on me and I will also write a book one day.

Jay's presentation was good. He has a great style and the reasons for saying this are:

  • Going through 50 slides in 10 minutes is a talent
  • Each slide has one picture and only a few words
  • The points he makes relate to immediate happenings and personal connections. Like speaking to @comcastcares just before the presentation and Frank @comcastcares was making waffles :)
  • He had the foresight to make copies of his presentation to distribute and that by itself is great.
  • His presentation had 10 steps for people to begin in the Social Media for their business.

Larry wrote the book "Mommy, Where do customers come from" He gave 3 real examples from work that he has done for creating interesting content that helped his client succeed.

a) a power bar that became a fastest selling product. ( Will research the name)

b) Acer computers

c) Kiwi Shoe polish

Larry blogs at and his domain name is one of the longest I know of and at

At the end of the talk Larry did two things that were very touching. He says to just start writing and that will lead to a book. He then took the copy of the book that he had brought and signed it and gave it to me. Thanks Larry. The book is almost getting sold out so please order your copy now :

Smart ideas presentation of Larry Bailin yesterday at the Affiliate Social Media Summit in NYC.

- Larry wrote the book "Mommy, Where Do Customers Come From" and for the book he created a one day book sale charity drive.and donated the proceeds from book sales on the day of launch. Word spread through the social media space and he raised thousands for charity and because of all of the sales the book rose to the bestseller lists within hours. I think this also helped his search ranking.

- Ronnie Coleman video took an obscure protein bar and made it a mainstream seller. :

- Acer video: The Acer is launching a video contest where people can create their own Acer Aspire One commercials and win prizes on October 15th at Disclaimer : My only connection with Larry is being on the same panel with him at this conference and getting a signed copy of his book that I finished on the train ride back to DC. :)
Jim Kukral and Shawn Collins are great guys. Jim wore a suit today and also a tie. I think he had the distinction of being the only guy in the room with a tie. next time i will take the advice of my friend Todd Jordan : Tojosan @shashib I'm thinking jacket with jeans. :)

Other great people I met at the Affiliate Social Media Summit :

Sanjeet Mitra : SUMERU: Very nice guy .

Rick Gardiner They always have such nice SWAG, a few years ago i got a remote controlled plane and today I picked up a rubber plane model that i get to assemble.

David Campbell he is a network Solutions customer and I owe him an answer why is not redirecting to like before. I did tell him to use in the meantime.

Sachin Aggarwal : A very smart guy with great ideas. We met before at Tech Cocktail Chicago

Dimitry Becker

Deborah Carney She took a lot of pictures at the Summit and i took one of her :)

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