Friday, October 03, 2008

Craig Newmark asks people to support s.223 : Urgent only one week left go to

Google DC talk craig newmark

Craig Newmark calls himself a nerd. Now when he spoke at the Gooogle offices in DC today the subjects spanned from how he started to his childhood love for paleontology. There are two causes he was supporting, one of them is the bill s.223

There is only one week left to get this bill passed in this session! Each Senator to get 10 more calls to let them know they can't ignore this bill. The Senate is considering this bill — S. 223 — that would increase the disclosure of campaign contributions to Senate campaigns. The way I understood it is that the Senate already does that but it is in paper form and you probably have to take a few years vacation to find the information. This bill will make it searcheable online. I am going by the pedigree of the organizations and individuals who are supporting the bill. Sen. Cardin from Maryland is supporting the bill but Sen. Barabara Mikulski is still not said yes. I hope her office has Google alerts so they can comment here :). Check out

Some links to learn more about this bill

Craig mentioned in his speech and that seems pretty cool

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