Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Polaroid makes a comeback with PoGo

Polaroid Pogo inkless printer

ZINK - Zero Ink printing technology is here. Polaroid was the company that fascinated me in the 80's when in India I heard about the product but it was not available then in India.  Now Poalroid has come up with a pocket sized printer which I wish I had when I went to India in July. I would have loved to have given my parents pictures from the trip .

The PoGo can be connected direct to your digital camera or cell phone and prints.The pictures print in 60 seconds – instantly dry to the touch! Zink technology uses a special paper that is a composite material which houses cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals in a protective coat. The crystals are colourless before printing so the paper appears white. The secret to the process is the heat activation which brings the photos to life through colourising the crystals, printing high quality images in less time than a traditional Polaroid photo!

The 30 pack 2" x 3" paper costs about $10. Amazon sells the Polaroid PoGo for $99.95 or with paper and carrying case for $127.93.

One of the reviewers on Amazon has has these suggestions:

Thoughts for future models:
* Larger Paper Models
* Built in Camera with a macro lens
* Cool Polaroid Special Effects (BW, Old film, Sepia, negative, borders, Etc.)
* Miniature Spy version

Check out the site which involves you with the PoGo user community :)

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