Tethering your N95 to your laptop using T-Mobile

I am on a Amtrak train to New York for the Affiliate Social Media Summit and now connected to the internet using my N95 and my T Mobile Unlimited data plan. The speed I get is about 460kbps which is double of the connection speed in India when I visited there last July.

Here are the steps if you need them.

  1. Install the Nokia PC Suite software on your laptop
  2. Connect the phone to the laptop using a USB cable ( You can use IR or  bluetooth too)
  3. Once installed click on Internet and One touch.
  4. After choosing N95 as your modem use the option "Configure the settings manually" option
  5. In the access point use internet3.voicestream.com if you have a TMobile VPN plan aka Unlimited data and leave both username and password blank ( Others have suggested trying internet2.voicestream.com and user voicestream for other plans)
  6. Finish the process and you should be good to go.

This post is living proof that this works. My next project is to use my gizmo account to make calls using the internet instead of calling log distance using the phone service.


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