Sunday, November 09, 2008

Blogger Relations in Network Solutions Corporate Website

I am very proud that the Network Solutions website has a tab under the PR contact that says Blogger Relations and has my Network Solutions phone number and contact information. As the Network Solutions Social Media Swami I have been working with our team to  help people on all possible channels where our customer's are. We have an id @netsolcares on Twitter. We encourage people to reach out to us on social media channels including the the Network Solutions Facebook page


I sometimes get calls on my cell phone who have found my number on the Network Solutions page. I am thrilled about this as this gives me a chance to speak to customers directly. What can be more powerful than that. I pass some requests that Are beyond me  on to smarter people at Network Solutions who can help and we have been successful in providing a great experience using social media tools. I sometimes tweet my cell phone  number on Twitter during my commute and have had fantastic conversations with people all over the country.

I just posted all the Network Solutions Customer Service Phone numbers and other information on the Network Solutions' Blog  to make it even easier for people to get in touch with us. Network Solutions phone numbers and Network Solutions Customer service numbers Customer Support 1-800-333-7680 are on the top of every page on the Network Solutions web site.

Talking about Blogger realtions Brian Solis has a good resource an EBook on  Blogger Relations

ebook: A Guide to Blogger Relations (New version available- This is 1.0) - Get more Business Plans

What other opportunities exist  that we can make use of for  communication to customers? Do you have  Blogger relations' contact? How do you manage to communicate your Customer service phone numbers ? Please comment and lets have a conversation

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