Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can you Really Blend a Rake? George says Yes !

Today's Keynote at Pubcon was by George Wright, VP Marketing & Sales, Blendtec. George told us the story of how with $50 as a budget and some innovative ideas can get a company better branding. The story of Blendtec started with great products but not much brand recognition. The Will It Blend viral video series by BlendTec increased BlendTec sales by over 700%. I will add to this post so please come back to this post in a few days. I met George and asked him if he tracked the traffic from specific videos to sales and he answered by saying that this while exercise wan not about sales but about brand promotion which leads to more sales.


great Tweets from @skitzzo on this keynote:

"Instead of making ads, make content." - Blendtech's George Wright #pubcon keynote

"the result of a strong brand is sales" - George Wright #pubcon keynote

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