Thursday, November 13, 2008

Twitterank Creator Speaks at ZDnet : Its all good

After Oliver Marks wrote a post on ZDnet  Gullible Users hand over their username and passwords  the creator of Twitterank Ryo Chijiiwa contacted Oliver and wrote a guest post on Oliver's ZDNET blog.

Hi. My name is Ryo, and I’m the developer of Twitterank, which is not some grand scheme to steal thousands of Twitter accounts, but a casual experiment gone horribly horribly right. Here’s my side of the story:

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You can read Royo Chijiwa's posts at I think you should appreciate his creativity in creating this application

"One hour I had 8 new users. The next hour I had 109. The next 400. Then 1500. Then 2400. All this happened while I was at work, and my primary concern was keeping the site up"

This is a case study on how things can go viral both ways. Yesterday despite the heavy Twitter users at Pubcon 2008 Twitterank was the top trending topic on Twitter. Users were using Twitterank and rumors were spreading about twitterank.I am sure Twitterank is getting even more traffic today because I cannot get to it. I hope Dreamhost supports Ryo as long as this lasts :)


of course as Ryo says in his post a beter way of doing this is to use the "Twitter’s Search API, which doesn’t require authentication"


What is Twitterank ?

Its a application that Ryo Chijiwa created where you enter your Twitter username and password and get a score based on the number of people who talk to you on Twitter using @yourtwitterid

Now you can judge people using Twitter several ways :

- How big is their Ego?

- How many Followers they have?

- How many updates ?

- How many they follow 

Ryo Chijiwa says he took the approach that he wanted to measure engagement. How many people are conversing directly with the user using @. Could this be a good measure of how many people value the opinion on the Twitter user ?

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