Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Casa San Blas Btique hotel in Cusco Peru

Casa San Blas wall, originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda.

The story of this hotel is that it was bought from a family of brothers and sisters who neglected to keep up the property. The story is that the parents of these kids died when they were young and so the family was in disarray. After the present owners bought the property, one of the sisters said that there was hidden treasure in the property. TRhe family had been looking for this hidden treasure and did not find it. The hotel owners were very surprised when the construction contractors tld them that they had a treasure of stones that were usable and did not need new stones, and that saved the hotel about 35000 Neuvo Soles ( about 10k dollars ) These stones were probably the hidden treasure.

The hotel is very friendly and efficient. >Thier breakfast could improve a little bit.

Live webcam of the street in front of the Hotel http://www.casasanblas.com/cuzco-cusco/webcams02.php?vo=0

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