Friday, December 12, 2008

How tweet it is - Jennifer Conner in the Washington Biz Journal

Jennifer Conner wrote a great article for newbies on Twitter She quoted me in the article :-


At Herndon-based Network Solutions Inc., Social Media Swami (his title was picked by a staff vote) Shashi Bellamkonda (Twitter: Shashib) has become well-known for his swift ability to get answers to domain name and Web-hosting questions.

Using Twitter, he is able to quickly defuse the anger of upset customers. Recently, one user vented a Tweet full of frustration at Network Solutions. A follower of that user replied that the person should talk to Shashib.

Bellamkonda says the “listening post” of Twitter allowed him to solve a problem that otherwise would have just festered.

Read the rest of the article here Thank you @jenconner

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