Saturday, December 20, 2008

Know any good female role models?

Here is a message from Kathy Korman Frey  @chiefhotmomma


In search of nominees: Female role models for our Hot Mommas Project case study competition. Contact me through Linked in, nomination link on, or
The Hot Mommas Project is an award-winning leadership initiative raising self-efficacy of women and girls through exposure to role models. We produce case studies showing the full range of factors influencing a woman’s success. We are housed at the George Washington University School of Business and are the recipient of a 2006 Coleman Foundation National Case Award. Learn more at and through this personal letter.
If you want to participate in the project and impact education: NOMINATE a role model (yourself included) by emailing the Hot Mommas Project TODAY.
Winners of the case study competition will have the chance to be published in a major Prentice Hall textbook and win thousands of dollars in prizes. The contest goes through January 31.
Thanks so much for contributing to this worthwhile project. The holidays are a GREAT time for people to write their cases, which is why I am sending this question NOW.


See Kathy's question on Linkedin if you prefer to answer there.

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