Saturday, December 27, 2008

Look what the Google Alert Fairy for Corporate Twitter brought me !

Google News Alert for: corporate twitter

Your 'Tweet' on Twitter Could Be Trouble - San Francisco,CA,USA
Lawyers caution, however, that Twitter carries a number of legal risks. Users posting tweets fromcorporate networks could expose company secrets. ...
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The Dickensian 2008: A Look Back
Technosailor - Baltimore,MD,USA
Most notable of all Enterprise 2.0 companies was Yammer which is build as a standalone Twitter for Enterprise. Yammer won the top award at Techcrunch50. ...
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Economy influencing couples' decision on having babies
Chicago Tribune - United States
It's an angst-filled debate raging in bedrooms around the country and on Internet sites such as TwitterMoms. Can couples afford to start a family or have ...
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TwitterGadget Lives With Gmail/iGoogle--Makes Twitter Better
Appscout - New York,NY,USA
Amazingly enough a few hours later I got an email back... a personal email from John Sortino at LOGIKA Corporation, TwitterGadget's corporate home. ...
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Showing Off
Successful Meetings - New York,NY,USA
Another intriguing community-building platform is Twitter, which enables you to tell all your contacts what you're doing right now (or at least what you ...
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Marketing innovation: Best Buy vs. Target - Minneapolis,MN,USA
Its CMO, Barry Judge, has started blogging and has taken to Twitter. He's very transparent in his exploration of conversational marketing in interviews like ...
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2009: What to Expect in Tech
PC Magazine - USA
I'll admit that I no longer believe that either Facebook or Twitter is doomed. In fact, I'm so addicted to the latter that its demise would leave me bereft. ...
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Worldly wise Web
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Twitter roars. The microblogging service showed itself to be a raw but compelling new channel for instant info. During major events -- earthquakes, fires, ...
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24 Most Underrated Websites of 2008
Mashable - San Francisco,CA,USA
Twittertise -Twitter may not seem to have any idea how to make money with their own product, but there is nothing stopping the rest of us. ...
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Google Blogs Alert for: corporate twitter

Who are your business spokespeople? | Corporate Eye
As long as that’s happening, we don’t really see the need to “police” what employees are saying, which is why we encourage our employees to Twitter and publicly post what employees are twittering at: ...
Corporate Eye -

The State Of The Twittersphere (HubSpot Edition)... (TechCrunch ...
How many followers do most people really have on Twitter? The average number... ... Don’t get BrandJacked: Confirming Your Corporate Twitter Account Dec 04 08. Blacklight Power bolsters its impossible claims of a new renewable energy ...
TechNews AM -

What do you do for a living? | Adventures in Corporate Education
I shared a link on Twitter today that I got from the Systers list. The link was to this Dr. Dobbs article, which has since been edited. Basically it's an.
Adventures in Corporate Education - Twitter Tips for Beginners from The Editor of ...
TwiTip is about capturing some of the lessons that I’ve been learning about Twitter and how to use it more effectively. It will cover Twitter Tips of all varieties including Writing for Twitter, Branding, Growing a Following, Corporate ...
Twarketing: Twitter Marketing News -

Social Media Tools - Twitter (one of our fav’s) made Dell $1 ...
Posted in Technology, social media | Tags: applications, apps, architecture, brown, corporateadvertising, customers, dell, design, how to, llc, market, marketing, medized, megan, megan morris, mike, mike brown, morris, ...
Medized...with life. -

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Jon Burg's Future Visions: 10 Rules for Corporate Twitter Activation
So everyone wants free media. But twitter isn't free media, it's a tool/platform that can enable or enhance your marketing via earned relationships.

Five steps to a successful corporate Twitter presence
12/12/2008 14:48; Five steps to a successful corporate Twitter presence 12/09/ 2008 14:25; US Is Losing Cyberwar- Business Week ...

As you all know I am probably enjoying the sights of Macchu Picchu in Peru when this post is published. I still welcome any comment love I can get and I miss you all my Blog readers :) - @shashib

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