Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What are the best words to use when you want others to help you in an email?

I asked this question a few days bask to my Twitter/Facebook community and got these responses.i have several theories on what words work in emails and I was happy to get these responses from my friends.  Do you have other ideas on how communications should be carried on specially when seeking help. Does your language change when you write to friends vs to colleagues and acquaintances.


@benaroberts @shashib please

@cheeky_geeky @shashib desperate, pathetic, end-of-the-line, deathknell, running out of road, last legs, ashamed, bewildered, help

@EndTheRoboCalls @shashib Action Requested Please

gloriabell Icon_red_lock @shashib use words that assume they will help while asking kindly ex. "thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation"

suecoppersmith @shashib please and thank you.. :)

chrisabraham @shashib The best thing to do when you want help via email is not to pussy-foot around. Be straight forward. People love to help

DarinRMcClure @shashib best not to start with Dr Sirs, We are contacting you from our Rwandan Bank we need your social security number to wire you th

bradatpharma @shashib : Whatever you do, avoid giving unctuous praise... I've found people who can actually help *don't* like being kowtowed to

richmissey @shashib Please & Thank you, and be straightforward and direct. Simple courtesy and a clear request usually gives me the best results


Rob Carlson at 9:47am December 12

"What's your hourly rate?"

Linda Dickerhoof at 9:49am December 12 via Facebook Mobile

'i can pay well'

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