Monday, December 08, 2008

What is your energy footprint ? Dr Saul Griffith's

I hope you make plans to attend Pop!Tech 2009. It was amazing listening to people with a lot of knowledge. I listened to Dr Griffith describe the doomsday scenario about perosnal consumption. According to the Pop!tech web site "He audited his total power consumption and learned he burns three times as much energy as the average European, and eight times as much as the average Carribeaner."
Making things last a long time is a good way to save the world. - says Dr. Saul Griffin.

Poptech 2008 - Camden Maine


Did you know if you drink a energy drink you consume energy? You should see the video and also pass it on to all youngsters to see. Along with this you should check out this Wikipedia page of John Hansen Scientist at NASA See the Shashi Bellamkonda Flickr Feed on Dr Saul Griffith's talk.


I also saw a nice powerpoint on energy from Rutgers University


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