Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2008 In Pictures

Starting the year with a Tweet-up at Jimmy's in Herndon

Susan signing autographs - What's Elvis doing behind her ?

February 2008: Educating myself about the 2008 election process by joining these Geeks at a Bar on Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday Meetup at DC

Attending my first Social Media Breakfast with Jeff Pulver

Jeff Pulver and Shashi

Meeting Small Business Guru Anita Campbell at Small Biz Technology Summit
( Planning on going to the 2009 event http://www.smallbiztechsummit.com/ )

Small Business Technology Summit 2008

Jonny Goldstein - Jonny's Par-tay survives despite having me as a guest but Jonny Soon moved to Philly :)

Jonny's partay - jonnygoldstein.com

Meeting @technosailor for the first time at Social Media Club DC( No this is not technosailor but my Facebook friend Jessie Newburn :)

Facebook friends to offline moment

Meeting Guy Kawasaki and going on the Network Solutions Small Business Networking tour Miami and Charlotte

Meeting Guy Kawasaki On the Network Solutions Small Business Networking Tour

Getting all star eyed at South by South West  2008 - Austin Texas

Blogger Social and meeting online friends offline - New York  organized by @ck and @drewmcclellan

BloggerSocial organized by @ckepiphany & @drewmclellan

Podcamp DC remembering your "grass"roots


Techcocktail DC - Geeks and startups continue networking (must attend)

Tech Cocktail DC - Frank Gruber, Qui DIaz and Eric Olson

Rohit Bhargava enthralls audience at Bus Boys and Poets for the Network Solutions Small Business event

Network Solutions Event with Rohit Bhargava for Small Business( authors Geoff Livingston and Rohit Bhargava)

Blog Potomac - Friends, friends and education ( attending the next one http://cli.gs/hueuJ1)

Blog Potomac 2008

Graphing Social East :

Graphing Social East with Nick O'Neil

Vacation to India

Hyderabad Pictures - Me , my camel and business

American Institute of Writers ( Thanks @kristenking )

AIW seminar

Podcamp Philly

Podcamp Philly 08Podamp Philly

Gnomedex 2008 - Seattle

Gnomedex 2008 - Chris Pirillo

Blog World Expo

Bwe08 : Mike Shinoda and Shashi Bellamkonda

Poptech 2008 meeting

Pop!tech Day 3

PubCon Lasvegas 2008


Social Dev Camp 2

Social Dev Camp 2 - Baltimore SDC2

SNCR Symposium Boston

SNCR Symposium Boston 2008

Visit to the Zappos Office

Visit to the Zappos office

Wired Offices in San Francisco

Visit to the Wired Offices

Laptopless in Machu Picchu - Lost City of the Incas

2008 trip to macchu picchu peru 374

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