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How Should Parents Teach Teens About Credit Cards?


Nancy Trejos is a Washington Post Columnist and is always looking for fresh ideas and questions from people for her weekly personal finance column. During a recent conversation she said she is looking for people in their 20s or 30s who were in credit card debt and were able to get out of it. She would like to talk to this person about what she or he did to pay off that debt. Any one reading this post want to get featured let me know. Shashib at gmail .com or you can write to trejosn at directly.

She interviewed me for the Sunday Post and I got very good info from the experts who answered my Question. Excerpts from the article :

Okay, that might sound kind of dangerous considering how much we have heard about teenagers (and let's face it, adults) getting into trouble with credit cards. Aren't there members of Congress who want to ban credit card companies from marketing to college students and young people in general?
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