Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Michael Arrington taking leave from TechCrunch

I have been reading Tech Crunch for a long time and respect Michael Arrington for being fair. It is fairly impossible to please everyone and I am not surprised  that TechCrunch has its critics. In a civilized world there is always a need for  opposing views as a step to learnging and getting better. There is no cause to get personal and I am shocked at what Michael Arrington revealed in his post.  Michael Arrington has done a good job in using the social media first to turn a blog into a publishing machine and built up an audience, many times put a link to the opposing arguement in his post . See the Network Soloutions post from a few month's ago. The community needs to gather to make sure people are not intimadated for writing their vies and hope this does not happen to other influencers.

Micheal Arrington said in his Post 

"I’ve decided the right thing to do is take some time off and get a better perspective on what I’m spending my life doing. I’ll be taking most of February off from writing, and decide what the best future for me is while sitting on a beach somewhere far away from my iPhone and laptop. "

Everyone needs to do this some time and get a fresh perspective of life. Michael I am sure you will be back with better and bigger things. Good luck.

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