Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Twin Tech 3 : Networking Begins on a Bus

Kim Hart wrote an  article Washington Post Article on Twin Tech 3 and a new idea to do some mobile networking  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/01/25/AR2009012501878.html

Peter Corbett of Istrategylabs doesn't wait for executing ideas. In June 2008 when Zach Goldfarb of the Washington post wrote about Washington DC as aTwin tech town  :

two sides of the Washington technology coin. On one side were the established technology companies, many of them serving the government and business customers -- and on the other were the young start-ups hoping to make it big in a Web 2.0 world.

In a few days Peter had his thoughts organized , he met NVTC and got together with them to have the first Twintech in July just a month after Zach Goldfarb had pointed out the distinct groups. Twin tech goal
The Potomac Region's technology community keeps growing and innovating with each passing day. Keep the pace by grabbing a drink with the leaders in broader technology community: do a deal, find some talent, or just hang with your friends

     Now these are times that require innovative ideas and there are others who are always thinking of new ways to network and be social . Bob London of London Ink a virtual Marketing , creative and program Services firm in Washington DC got a few folks together with the idea of taking the Twin Tech3  attendees from Northern Virginia  to Washington DC . advantages avoid the terrible traffic, nasty DC parking and horrible weather, a few of these enterprising souls chartered a Reston Limousine bus from Reston to DC with a stop in Tysons along the way with  beer/wine, munchies and invited other attendees.

Pictures from the bus

I enjoyed meeting a lot of great folks on the bus. Cheryl Dickenson, r2i ( Awesome person, met her earlier that day at the TelecomHub meeting) Jeff Wite of mySBX, Kevin Levitt of  ComScore, Kim Hart of The Washington Post, Elizabeth Shea, Lisa Throckmorton, Stephanie Stadler of SpeakerBox, Larry Roe of LeverPoint, Bob London of London, Ink, Kristine Jacobsen of Surety. Kathy Albarado of a Helios HR a local HR company.

Elizabeth Shea of Speakerbox  described the bus idea  :  A few NoVa folks got together and “sponsored” a bus down to TwinTech with two stops in Reston and Tysons Corner – we filled it with food, beer/wine, drinks and loaded up 40 people to attend the event!  

Reston Limousine gave us a screaming deal and even donated three raffle prizes of free limo service, wine tours and a trip for 2 to New York. Huge hit! It was really fun – at 8:35 when we pulled away from the event, people didn’t want to leave! I think we’re onto something new.

Biznow covered the Twin Tech 3 bus here http://www.bisnow.com/washington_dc_tech_news_story.php?p=2227


Photos from Twin Tech 3


SPONSORS for this bus tour
London, Ink www.londonink.com 
r2i: www.r2integrated.com
SpeakerBox Communications: www.speakerboxpr.com
MemoryBlue: www.memoryblue.com
LeverPoint: www.leverpointinc.com

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