Where to send your Inauguration photographs from Washington #inaug09

NYTimes.com readers are sending in their photographs from Washington and elsewhere. Images are organized in the order they were received. To participate, send an e-mail to pix@nyt.com, attach your file(s) and tell us your full name and the location pictured. Files must be in the JPEG (.jpg) format and no larger than 5MB.

MSNBC firstperson@msnbc.com. or submit your story here  http://cli.gs/MApsRs

CNN iReport http://cli.gs/QRDr0r When you're away from the computer, you can e-mail photos and videos with your mobile device to ireport@cnn.com.

Flickr group collecting all photos of Inauguration Day, Flickr also organized a meetup  January 20, 2009 at a Washington DC-area Flickr meetup.

NPR  Inauguration Report: Dispatches From Listeners http://cli.gs/GVuP0s

Smithsonian : Submit your photo to be considered for click! photography changes everything, a Smithsonian Photography Initiative online program that explores how photography shapes the way we understand the world. The current call for entry, ‘History in the Making,’ looks at how photography has influenced the recent elections and inauguration. The Smithsonian is Flickr's partner on the Flickr Commonsand has just posted additional historic photos of past inaugurations.


Do you know more places for people to send their content? Please comment here and let others know.


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