Monday, January 26, 2009

Why sharing your pictures can get you into the Washington Post

As I took the print edition of the Washington post off the grass this morning, I  found 2 of my pictures of the Twin Tech 3 bus. I had met Kim Hart of the Washington Post on the bus. I was there as a guest of Bob London of London Ink.  Read more about the bus in the Washington post article . The pictures are not in the online version and only in the print version.

During my conversation with Kim Hart I had told her that all my photos are free to use under creative commons.  So my wife and daughter will be happy now and I can get the "family budget council" approval for spengina little more on photo equipement. A few months ago we discussed this in David Berkowitz article  in Inside the Marketer's Studio. Another factor is that it is also important to upload the pictures as fast as possible as many of the events reporting is time bound. Some of my picures have been used by bloggers, sites like ,, Flickr groups etc.

What do you think? Do you share the pictures online.

One of my pictures on Tech Bisnow
Want pne of my pics? See my Flickr Feed 

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