Friday, February 20, 2009

Bloggers meet for food and good at at O'Faolain's Irish Restaurant in Sterling. organized a meetup today and donated the proceeds of funds, food collected to benefit Loudoun Interfaith Relief. I liked meeting new folks and there was avery good turnout atleast 40 people I think. Erin who organized the meeting did a great job along  with Tammi, Dan, Erica to put this together. I was so happy to see Tammi bring her kids (sign of comfort). I wish I had shook hands with everyone in the room but my colleague Joe Loong seemed to know everyone. Mayra Ruiz McPherson had hubby Sylvester in tow . he is a awesome guy and he works just down the road too.

Loudoun Interfaith Relief.(LIR) is the largest and only nutritious food pantry in Loudoun County. LIR serves their clients by providing the food necessary to prepare three balanced meals a day for three days for any size family. I hope the good folks at this meetup made a difference.

There were several firsts here for me.

  • My first meet-up in Sterling ( The nearest was at Jimmy's in Herndon)
  • The atmosphere was so family friendly and there were normal people ( non-bloggers) and kids too. So no chance of a Echo chamber here.
  • Every AOL person seemed to know each other despite the runmor that AOL has 4 huge aircraft hangar sized buildings :)

Some of the Twitter folks there; @edguzm @lpsmonkey @geddie @danilob @nicholasgraham @david_danaan & @visitLoudoun @egarman @municipalist @joelogon @marketingmisfit @tammim

BloggersForGood at O'Faolain's In Sterling

Erin from Suburban Fizz welcoming the Bloggers and would be bloggers at O'Faolain's Irish Restaurant in Sterling.

BloggersForGood at O'Faolain's In Sterling

Myra Ruiz McPherson interviewing the Manager of O'Faolain's Doreen - Blogging can't wait

BloggersForGood at O'Faolain's In Sterling

Mary, Marian and friend

Other Pictures

Bloggers who attended

Erin from Suburban Fizz
Tammi from Inside Out
Erica from Living in LoCo
Dan from Ramblin' Man
Carl from CarlHutzler'sBlog
K from BunnyCakes
Shashi from
Joe from
Ed Guzman from Loudoun Extra Sports and Extra Points
Dave from Equality Loudoun and
Marc from
Craig from The Municipalist
Mayra from
Stacey from DC Wine Country
If your name is not on this list apologies and  please comment and let me know  and I will update it.

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