Friday, February 06, 2009

When people with passion write - Women Grow Business

I am always proud of working with smarter people and the proof in the pudding is my blog colleagues at - Steve Fisher, Joe Loong and Jill Foster. Steve manages the blog and runs the strategy while Joe writes from his heart often writing the most commented or linked posts there. What started of as a spontaneous idea  and got quickly made into reality is Jill is the editor , Steve helped with the name and setting up of the blog. I perform my part as team member by keeping out of the way while these smart folk do their magic. I know a lot of people want to know how social media tools like Facebook , Linkedin etc can be used , I think you should follow Jill Foster on Twitter @jillfoster and see how she takes this blog to the community and makes it a success.

Since we are sharing Jill Foster's secrets, here is a question she asked on Linkedin . Since she teaches Social Media I am enjoying seeing her practice what she preaches.

Mosey on over to and read the stories of success, tips and overall experience. My theory here is that if people are passionate about what they do they will always succed. Jill - Good luck we will be rooting for you :)

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