Monday, March 30, 2009

Kim Hart Gets in A - Washington Post

If you are among the declining breed of readers of the print edition of the Washington Post then you would have seen that the "Download" column of Kim Hart has moved to the "A" Section of the newspaper. Starting today the Washington Post no longer has the business section on weekdays.

Reading the print version of the paper is a habit from my childhood growing up in India. Those days the paper did not have sections and usually my brother and me would fight for the sports or the comics section and end up sometimes tearing the paper much to the chagrin of my dad. Fast forward to the Bellamkonda household of today, there is competition between us for the Style section.

Whether in print or online the Washington Post is a paper that I respect. When I first came to this country I expected all newspapers published in the US to be of this caliber. In India there are several National newspapers with editions from each town. Indian Express, The Hindu, Times of India come to my mind. Some well know regional papers are Asian Age, Telegraph, Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle. Of course this list is only the English language papers. Regional language papers have their own readership.

What stood out for me about the Washington Post is the coverage of international news and I have only seen that increasing. I did hear that the Washington Post has offered a buyout to its staff and I fervently hope that this is just a sign of the economy and not a shift in the way we will see reporting change.

I like the fact that the business section is in the A section of the post, I can read both the news in one section. Luckily I don't have to fight for it with anyone yet.  I do wish they would include some news from the Indian Stock markets. I like the fact that the Business part of A section is going to get more local so I look forward to a expanded Kim Hart column.

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