Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NextWeb meetup - Darlington House - Marc h 2009

A few folks met at the Darlington House on March 19th. The Darlington House is the former Childe Harold and Bruce Springsteen played here many years ago.

Brett ( http://www.mashable.com ) and Janine (@AvidGroup http://www.theavidgroupnyc.com/ ) from NextWeb ( a @Mashable property) were in town from New York and organized this meet-up. The NextWeb’s NY Web 2.0 Meetup has become one of the largest and fastest growing networking organizations in New York City.
The first event in DC was at the Darlington House in Dupont Circle on March 19th where I lead the dicsussion and some great folks stopped by.

Doug Hadden and wife of Freebalance.com (in the pic above) is an awesome walking encyclopedia. Brett Petersel had just run into at SXSW for the Guy Kawasaki/Kirtsy party. So we continued our SXSW reminiscences. Chris Abraham (www.abrahamharrison.com) is as entertaining as ever. Mark D. Drapeau (@cheeky geeky and markdrapeau.com) is full of humor and of course we all wishe no secrets spill from him otherwise this blog post may not exist ( That's a joke so there is no need to cuss me in the comments here :)

Alex Vertiz and TJ Master are old hands at ethnic marketing and had their own war stories of telecommunications. Alex gave me a lot of tips on international call providers. As a follow-up I also gave Google Voice another try.
Darren Harper was the voice of conscience, an awesome guy I hope to run into at future meet-ups. @moseshawk has a cool blog http://www.rememberxyz.com/ , I enjoy sitting and talking with him after a DC meetup.

Even though @ddcmd did not turn up in his signature cap, I still recognized him. He told us about a interesting personal project.

I look forward to the next meetup from NextWeb in April.

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