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The Online Media Boot Camp Economic & Brain Stimulus Package: A chance to win a FREE Ticket!

Customers and prospects searching the Internet for products, services―and conversation―and the world of marketing has changed forever. Your company, brand and industry are being discussed online… Are you prepared? We know times are tough, but we also know that business owners and marketers/communicators need to get a leg up on competition (whether you are competing for business or that new job). Now is your chance! We have three tickets available…will you be the lucky winner?

Online Media Boot Camp is April 9th, 2009 in King of Prussia, PA. The three lucky ticket winners will be picked on March 27th!

For more details visit:

  1. Want a chance at winning a free ticket to the Online Media Boot Camp (a value of $349), you have to be nominated by someone else.
  1. A person can be nominated in one of four ways:
    1. A blog post
    2. A video
    3. On Twitter
    4. Via an e-mail sent to OMBC (beth [at]onlinemediabootcamp [dot] com).

    All four must include: Who you are nominating and why. You must include a link to the Online Media Boot Camp ( in your post. If you tweet it, use the #OMBC hashtag.

  1. If you nominate someone, you can buy a ticket for $349 after 3/16. A savings of $100. (Code: OMBCFTW)
  1. If you are nominated for OMBC and you want to go to OMBC, you must do one of the following to accept the nomination:  
    1. A  blog post
    2. A video
    3. Or send an e-mail to OMBC accepting the nomination (beth [at]onlinemediabootcamp [dot] com),

    You must state that you will cover all travel costs, that you will attend and why you deserve to win. You must include a link to the Online Media Boot Camp ( in your post. If you tweet it, use the #OMBC hashtag.

  1. All posts, videos and e-mails of those nominated will be posted to the OMBC blog too.
  1. The three winners will be selected by the OMBC speakers. Criteria includes: creativity, passion, honesty, statement of how online marketing/social media will help you as a business owner or marketer/communicator/etc. and any other items that you think make your case to win a free ticket.
  1. If you are nominated for a free ticket, but don’t win, you can buy a ticket for $349 after 3/16. A savings of $100. (Code: OMBCFTW)
  2. If you win a free ticket and have already purchased a ticket, we’ll refund your money. Or, if you are feeling generous, you could give your purchased ticket to a friend…

It’s that simple! Have questions? Contact Online Media Boot Camp on Twitter: @onlinemedibc


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