Monday, March 30, 2009

Small Business Success Index : Big Optimism from Small Business. Where do you stand?

I wanted to share the news of a Small Business Success Index ( that Network Solutions and the University of Maryland conducted and more than 1,000 small business owners were interviewed by phone. 3 things that are key in my opinion from the Small Business Success Index findings.
- The single biggest competitive disadvantage of America’s small businesses today is in meeting
- The bright spot for American small businesses is in the impeccable service they provide their customers. They have what it takes to retain current customers and treat them with care.
- Small businesses with a commitment to Internet business solutions feel they are highly
successful in improving their profit margins 16% more often than small businesses that employ minimal Internet business solutions.

Please check out the study at and give me some feedback. I was involved in setting up the site to house the study so any feedback is appreciated. There is a survey on the site that you can take and score yourself too. Looking forward to your thoughts.

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