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You can't choose mentors - They choose you ! Linda Rabbitt at GWU

GWU Hotmommas' Project Award Ceremony by you.

I am lucky to be part of this list of Hotmomma Project judges.  The Hot Mommas® Project is an award-winning women’s leadership program housed at the George Washington University School of Business. The project mission is to increase self-efficacy of women and girls across the globe through exposure to role models. The Hot Momma's project is building the world’s largest women’s case study library to produce not just vignettes, but credible academic tools that can be utilized in a classroom environment.

GWU Hotmommas' Project Award Ceremony by you.

The keynote by Linda Rabbit was very engaging. She shared her life's ups and downs and the challenges she faced as she rose from life as a housewife to chairman of Rand*  a commercial construction firm specializing in tenant build-outs and building renovations.   Founded by Linda Rabbitt in 1989, rand* is ranked 2nd largest woman-owned construction company in the nation and the 8th largest interior construction company in the metropolitan area.

  • Be a people person
  • Always dress for the position , it really matters
  • You cannot choose mentors , they will choose you if they see a spark in you
  • When faced with challenges keep focus on your goals
  • To maintain a life balance you may have to give up on somethings < Linda Gave up on reading novels but she reads business books
  • Times like this with the economy calls for getting the team together to brainstorm Audacious ideas.

GWU Hotmommas' Project Award Ceremony by you.

Kathy Korman Frey GWU's adjunct professor  Announced the prize winners . First prize winner is Saranne Roberts, 1st Runner up : Brenda Galilee Rhodes and 2nd Runner -up LaSara Wakerobin Firefox

GWU Hotmommas' Project Award Ceremony by you.


Kathy has interviewed an estimated 15,000 executives during her career including Ted Leonsis. She is the founder of the consulting firm Vision Forward ( and its business curriculum initiative, The Hot Mommas (TM) Project ( Since its inception in 2001, Vision Forward has become known for its high success rate in helping businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations achieve goals and track results using an education-based approach.

I have been living in the DC area for the past 12 years but I must say this was my first visit to GWU. ( yes ! shame on me !) btw the Nominations for the 2009-2010 case studies can be submitted now .Please visit


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