Friday, April 03, 2009

All that Glitters is not Gold : Google + Twitter=Glitter

There are 81million search results for the term "google + twitter" on Google. The Twitter search does not tell me the number of searches at  but my theory is that Twitter shows 100 pages of results and google shows about 5 pages of results

Google's results include pages that have been tweaked and fine tuned by SEO magicians but Twitter is straight from the keyboard mentions and an occasional automatic feed.

Twitter's earliest result is from 24 hours ago :

AirDisa: RT @dannysullivan: so facebook is becoming twitter and digg with the diggbar is becoming stumbleupon. what next, google to become myspace?


Google's earliest result is from Nov th 2008


In terms of relevance to your search my "theory is that  you will get much more relevant results from Twitter than Google. Google doesnot tell you that new results are eing added as you are viewing the search as does


Is Google threatened. yes. if every Twitter user decided he will ask the question on Twitter rather than search Google then imagine what happens.

Is this a rumor or is it true?

Hear from the Horses mouth Biz stone on his blog

Greg Sterling says this is "heard mentality"

The story broke on Tech Crunch

And Kara Swisher of the Wall Street Journal told everyone its just a rumor

The debate will continue for some time and my opinion :

  • This may just  be a meeting to discuss synergies as Twitter results come very high on Google searches - see 3 Twitter results for "shashib"
  • Google will never start ads till they are sure what the pulse of the users is, example youtube does show ads but its done that after several years after the acquisition
  • Twitter's USP is that it is simple and not too many features. If you want features you have to depend on other applications that use the Twitter API

No reason to believe out twitter experience will change if Google buys Twitter and no reason to believe that Microsoft will keep mum if indeed Google is in talks to buy Twitter.


if it does

Google : I want to be able to Tweet to my refrigrator, directTv box and turn on the lights using Twitter

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