Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Twitter is now mainstream : Jack Diamond Mix 107.3 Fm is on Twitter @jackdiamondshow

I am a regular Jack Diamond show listener for the last 7 years. I love this show and in the past few weeks Jack has been talking about twitter. I sent the show an email last year asking them to be on Twitter. My reasoning was that they share a lot of stuff they do with the audience which is the uniqueness of this show. You almost feel like they are in the same room as you and everyone is hanging out together.

The jack Diamond show can use Twitter very well to create a community of their listeners using twitter and enhance the efforts the station and the Jack Diamond Show team is doing with their appearances and their blogs etc.


  • Tweet when Jack, Erica , Jimmy or Ally are not on so listeners can just scroll through the tweets to find out why.
  • Tweet when you play some songs for the first time
  • Tweet about what is happening in the studio when a song is playing , joke etc
  • Twitter is not always just business people want to have some fun too
  • When ever you post a new blog post , place the link on Twitter
  • If you mention a web site on the air send a Tweet too. people are driving and they can later check the link. Sorry but your web site is very diificult to navigate.
  • Tweet special offers


  • Do not make the account private ( You should change the option immediately)
  • Do not tweet what you would not say on the air

Best practices

  • Don't tweet infrequently
  • When you tweet end with who is tweeting i.e jack, Erica , Jimmy or Ally
  • Add your twitter feed to your website

I just put a few thoughts down. You all may have more thoughts on this. please comment or let me know .

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