Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Washington Post Business Section Rocks :Loved reading it today : Links

Its not a secret that I love the Washington Post. Today I spent a lot of time reading the Business section almost word for word.

Here are links to the articles that were interesting to me and you should check them out.

Another fantastic Small Business post was a syndicated article From Kiplinger from Anne Kates Smith Help for Small Business .Her advice to Small Business is:

Mentors are easy to find. Score has 12,000 mentors nationwide who will advise you for free, in person or online ( Small Business Development Centers, a joint effort of the Small Business Administration, colleges and local governments, offers management assistance at about 1,000 locations. You can network at your local Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce, at, and at sites devoted to small-business communities, such as
Small Businesses can also visit and learn about the Small Business Success Index a study that found there is optimism despite the economy.

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