Saturday, May 23, 2009

Washington Post : Bring the Business Section Back

I have been a avid reader of the Washington Post. I like the print version and my job even though online leaves me too busy to read the paper online. I get up before 6 a.m so that I can get a few minutes to read the A section, business, metro and Style in that order.

A few weeks ago ( maybe months ago) , when the Washington Post moved the business section to the A section I considered it a promotion, Not anymore. I loved to see the share prices specially of companies that I liked like Marriott, GE etc. I loved to see the price of the dollar to the rupee. I liked the national and international news coverage and the features.

Sadly all that is missing. I think the Washington Post should have considered an increase in price and not giving up on the Business Section.

I am thinking of a Facebook group to influence the Post to bring the Business Section back. IF you are game please comment here.

IF my efforts do not succeed I may defect to the Washington Busines Journal who lead by Alex orfinger seem to be doing innovative campaigns like the one in this picture. Kudos to them. Kristina Bouweiri reads both and likes both . Maybe there is a case to be made for good local business coverage in the Washington Business Journal. What do you think?

PS: Typed with my toddler doing his best to distract me :)

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