Friday, June 26, 2009

2009-2010 Social Media Club DC Leadership Team

I hope you are all tuned to the Social Media Club - DC. The SMC monthly events are a great learning and socializing experience. SMC-DC Chair (President) Larissa Fair  @LYF108 just sent a note announcing the 2009-2010 Social Media Club DC Leadership Team.

  • Programming Director (Executive Vice President): Andrea Baker (Navstar) @immunity
  • Partnership/Sponsorship Director (Vice President): Anna Gabbert and Travis Mason (BAH) @annagabbert @tgmason
  • Promotions Director (Vice President): Sarah Wurrey (DD&C) @sarahwurrey
  • Event Managers: Meg Roberts and Nisha Chittal (NMS) and Sara Burson (NACCHO) @megmrobrets @nishachittal
  • Membership Manager: Maia Kotlus-Gates (MS&L) and Beth McNamee (McKinley Marketing) @maiakg @bethmcnamee
  • Content Organizer/Digital Scribe: Gabriel Key @gabrielmkey

More details of the team here . Congrats team and keep up the good work.

More details of the Social Media club

Join the SMC -DC Facebook Community

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