Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The customer may be in the other aisle seat

I was on a flight from Seattle to San Francisco after #gnomedex when I glanced across the aisle and saw a young lady working on a Sunday and her papers had the logo of Egencia. Egencia is the  corporate travel management partner for businesses  and is owned by Expedia. At the first available opportunity I apologized for noticing the logo and identified myself as a customer of Egencia . She was thrilled and we spoke about the software and as usual i gave her all my suggestions on tweaks that would help make it better. I love Egencia and they are doing it right. I am also happy to have met a Egencia employee who enthusiastically told me about new features and listened to my suggestions.

Other company evangelists who I have cornered at parties and forced my ideas and suggestions are Yama @jyamasaki of Seesmic ( I love the Seesmic desktop) and Frosty @frostola from Hp ( I love their printers) . So if you are a company evangelist  I will not mind if you cross the road when you see me coming or walk in the opposite direction but if it is a full flight and you are sitting across the aisle seat from you you are a sitting duck. Did you ever think you could get customer feedback at 35000 ft. I proved it.

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