Saturday, September 19, 2009

The audience rocked at the Cleveland Park Library - CPCUG ECSIG meeting

CPCUG meeting in the Cleveland Park Library
Today at the Enterprise and Consultants Special Interest Group of the CPCUG ( read about the CPCUG here ) Barbara Conn (@cpcug) welcomed the folks about 50 of them and then everyone got a minute to introduce themselves.

CPCUG meeting in the Cleveland Park Library

I was amazed at the variety of folks who were there. NIH, Montgomery College, American Red Cross and many others. I met my friends Barbara Halpern and Alice Marshall (@prestovivace) and Jo Golden @jogolden ( who will be presenting on Saturday, December 12, 2009, 12:30-3:00 pm (Note: 2nd Saturday) on Research Skills and Strategies for Business

I laid out the Social media tools and the audience asked a lot of questions. Since Cleveland park does not have good parking garages a lot of people seemed to move in and out to move their cars and get back. The problems does not exist in the evening for restaurant goers it seems. Anyway Metro is the best for this meet up. Pamela Dunning from American Red Cross came up and told me we have a mutual friend @shonali who blogs at Network Solutions raffled two admissions to the GrowSmartbiz conference taking place in DC on Sept 29th and also we gave away A signed copy of Debbie Weil's The Corporate Blogging book.

In a hour or so after the event I was impressed to get a Linkedin Invite from one of the attendees. Nice job folks . And as I told the audience that if all of the media created from this event is tagged #cpcug09 it will show up in Google in a few hours and here it is If you attended the event or you have any questions after reading this post please comment here and we can have a conversation.

CPCUG meeting in the Cleveland Park Library

Great places to network

The after event meetup was at Nannys Obrien across the road. I managed to sneak into a Network Solutions ‘ Small Business customer’s restaurant Indique and have a great meal of Roti and Dal Makhni. I enjoyed presenting in front of this fantastic audience and hope to meet them all again. To get more info on This group meeting go to

My presentation posted on SlideShare

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