Saturday, September 12, 2009

Do You listen to NPR?

I am a confirmed NPR junkie. In 2007 I posted a poll on my blog and at that time 55% of my community said they listened to NPR. A lot has happened since then, media has begun to adopt different models. NPR has adopted new media tools very well. See today's news about NPR's iPhone app They are active in the social media and my friend Andy Carvin @acarvin works as the NPR's Social Media Swami :). MY evening commute is usually timed to Marketplace.

I want to see how my network feels about NPR so help me understand and
Take this poll:
Some of the programs I love are : Marketplace, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Splendid Table. I am not surprised that in this economic crisis NPR has actually gained audience. I love the fact that they cover world events. A few day's ago I was listening to a program about Mongolian Horses ( I wish someone would invite me to Mongolia to talk Social Media - I love the country of Genghiz Khan)

Some facts I found online:

Broadcasts of NPR’s flagship newsmagazines — Morning Edition, All Things Considered and their weekend siblings — reached 20.9 million listeners, a 9 percent gain. (Source:
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NPR audience demographics (

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