Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Phishing Warning – be careful of DMs on Twitter

As a general rule if you get some link unexpectedly from a friend it may be better to check with them to see if the message is genuine before clicking on the link.  Mashable and  a few sites like SCMagazine posted warnings about this new threat that comes to you through DMs from people who you are foillwoing. . What phishers do is to entrap you with a link and when that opens up you get the same look and feel of a genuine site maybe looks like Twitter itself . If you are not careful you may enter your login info into this fake page and may innocently give your login info away to these phishers who will then use your account to defraud you or in Twitter’s case will start spamming your followers.

If this has happened to you please login and change your password immediately. If you have received messages like these, you may be better off just deleting them.

Example : hey, i made $484 yesterday . this website showed me how

Twitter maybe actively working to shut this down. This is not a Twitter problem alone. It could happen to anyone who requires a login – your bank, social network, instant messenger and othersAs always be careful of the links that you click specially if they are unexpected.

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