Friday, October 16, 2009

Event : Oct 27th : Got Content? Get Government Customers

I went to the SpeakerboxPR event featuring Joe Pulizzi, speaker, content marketer, strategist and author of "Get Content. Get Customers." a few months ago. Joe had a great presentation and I learned a lot and networked with a lot of new folks.  I was glad to receive the news that SpeakerBox is organizing a new follow-up event on October 27, 2009, 7:30-10:30 am at the Tower Club, Tysons Corner.Cost: $50
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Elizabeth Shea of SpeakerBox is a good friend and runs many good events. Here is info from her on this event
Join us for a series of business-to-government (B2G) workshops to learn and share best practices in content marketing specifically for this unique vertical.  This program is designed for PR and marketing professionals who want to hear from their peers about what's working, and how to best apply the tools to their company's government marketing initiatives.
Sessions and Speakers:
(Sessions will run consecutively.)
1: Twitter for Government Contractors
Speaker: Stephanie Stadler, SpeakerBox
Content will focus on establishing editorial guidelines, measurement, finding an audience and what content is most valuable.
2. Surveys and Outside Blogs
Speaker: Julia Lim, ScienceLogic
Julia will share a case study from their annual FOSE survey.  Content will focus on best practices, generating media interest, and how blogs and surveys contribute to lead generation. 
3. Content Syndication and SEO
Speakers: Janet Driscoll Miller, SearchMojo and Elizabeth Shea, SpeakerBox
Janet and Elizabeth will share strategies for optimizing content for SEO, syndicating content and how to use existing content to generate leads.
4. Market Connections Survey: "Social Media in the Public Sector: Perspectives and Practices"
Speaker: Lisa Dezzutti, Market Connections
If you're interested in what's working for your peers and how the government is using social media to informally evaluate their contractors, Lisa will present the findings of the Government Marketing benchmark survey.  Your input is needed!  Please take a minute to complete the survey:
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